Falling in Love

Many search their entire life with the simple goal to fall in love. Movies glamorize the concept of falling in love. This search for love in the arms of another has its downfalls. If your goal is to find love in the arms of another you can be certain that this love will vanish once the other is gone.

Your quest for love should be one of an Internal search.  Not searching for the love you seek after all it is always right there inside you.  Every moment of every day Love is there.

The only search you can do to discover love is to ask the universe to simply remove your blocks that blind you from seeing it now.  I put on a pair of glasses yesterday that were specific to another. My eyes were cloudy and could not see what was right in front of me. Removing the glasses that cloud your vision is a simple task yet takes great effort on your part.

Remove your glasses and embrace the authentic Love right before you.


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