Who am I?
This question haunted my earliest cognitive memories. I was born with a remembrance of my past lives and the wisdom that came with it. The conflicts arose early on in life as the words being taught to me at the Kingdom Hall were in direct contradiction to what I KNEW to be true.


I am NOT that!
After discovering that I was something more than this physical shell we call humans, I took on the next step in my journey. I went through a process I call “DELABELING”, where I had to continually say to myself “I am NOT that”.


It took me years of self discovery to discover that the self I was trying to find was not the authentic and real SELF. I discovered who I truly was and am here to share that great understandings and processes in order for you to break free from you ego.

Tim Wheatley

Sri Ananda Prataap

An enlightened thinker and enlightenment coach.

I have been on my spiritual path from the time I was 5 years old.

I realized I was psychic at a very early age.

Memories as a child being asked if the new toys made me happy, my response was

NO they don’t MAKE me happy.

My happiness isn’t connected to these toys.

My comment was not well received.

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