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Living in the Moment

Living in the Moment

Living in the moment The difficulty is not one of finding Peace, Bliss, Joy, Love or Compassion or even being present. Your difficulty is removing ego blocks to your ability to be in the present moment. As your past ego blocks are removed, clarity of your soul purpose...

The 7 Levels of Self

The 7 Levels of Self

Levels of Self You will experience the transcendence of the current level of self during your ‘self’-growth and removal of ego blocks. Workshops you have taken have allowed you to feel the self, however, now you can take the next...

Spiritual Differentiation

Spiritual Differentiation

For over 50 years now traditional Psychologists have worked with Bowen's theory of "Differentiation of Self". Spiritual Differentiation appears to be an opposite scale. In Self Differentiation pertains to the separation of Self...

The Illuminata

by | Jul 10, 2011

Imagine my surprise to discover another translation of my Indian name “Ananda Prataap” being “Illuminata”.  I then went on to discover some information on the origins of the Illuminata and their lofty goals.

Many read or watch information on the Illuminata online and yet misinformation is a leading practice to hide the authentic.

Imagine a society where the day to day struggles of life are set aside, where one can truly search for their authentic connection to self /God.

A lofty goal, yet once again off the mark. The day to day struggle is the path to gain enlightenment or an authentic & personal connection to God.


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