Are you one of those who take things personally? They exclaim how things effect them personally. When you say that you take things personally do you really understand what it is you are actually saying? To really understand what is going on for you when you take things personally there are two things you must consider. First, the word itself. Personally comes from the Latin word “persona” meaning “mask”. So even by the definition of the word the authentic “You” is not being effected, only the mask version of “you”. This mask version of you is controlled and run by your ego. It dictates how outside influences effect you. Take for example that person who cut you off this morning on the way to work. Your ego makes it clear that the person who just cut you off in traffic actually woke up this morning with a specific plan. The well placed plan was to hunt YOU down and as soon as you were located they would immediately cut you off. You take things so personally it is as if this was your destiny. With this person planning all morning to cut you off, you have every right to take it “personally”. Road rage is the perfect example of why you need to look at what you take “personally” and more importantly WHY. This “persona” or mask is really the one that is being effected and making you believe it is YOU. Secondly, The authentic you can and never will be effected by anything outside of self. ┬áThe problem most people have is getting in touch with the authentic YOU. Your ego has been around for a very long time convincing you that it is your BEST friend. It had a job to protect your emotional body from pain when you were a child, however, you forgot to lay off your ego when you got older. The next step is to remember that all those perceived “good” things that you take “personally” are also not effecting the authentic YOU either. You need to let go of your emotional attachments to either the “good” or the “bad” things that influence your daily emotional body.

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