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Blissful Jealousy

Blissful Jealousy

Jealousy is an amazing emotion. It can be used for the ego's purposes or you can embrace the emotion and consciously use it for your higher purpose. You will experience Jealousy throughout your life until you understand the...

Falling in Love

Falling in Love

Many search their entire life with the simple goal to fall in love. Movies glamorize the concept of falling in love. This search for love in the arms of another has its downfalls. If your goal is to find love in the arms of...

Living in the Moment

by | Jul 20, 2012

Living in the moment

The difficulty is not one of finding Peace, Bliss, Joy, Love or Compassion or even being present. Your difficulty is removing ego blocks to your ability to be in the present moment. As your past ego blocks are removed, clarity of your soul purpose happens naturally. Ask yourself ‘If not in the now, then when’? As you are inherently in a natural state of peace you must be clear when you are asking assistance in finding and having peace. Removing blocks to your natural states is the only form assistance can only come. As you request for Love in your life remember you are asking for something that is already there. When experiencing ego blocks to the ever present love, you still will not see it even after you have asked for assistance. The blocks become ever more evident especially after you ask for assistance. You have the opportunity for accepting the removal of blocks in a place of joy. Most of you need situations occurring from a place of crisis and pain before you listen. With your belief that Love is not there you will never see Love that is in front of you.  

You will discover all you want is right in front of you when your guides assist in removing the blocks to your natural states. Clear of blocks you can appreciate your feelings in the moment. Prior to attempting to live in the moment you must remove these blocks otherwise you will just be suppressing your valuable Soul lessons. Facilitating your learning are the parents you choose allowing you to experience your specific soul lesson. The lessons of the Soul are passed down from your parents. You should truly bless your parents for this life path. Living in the moment includes accepting the divine nature of your life. You must shift looking through glasses of blame and guilt at your past or at your parents. Fully expressing your feelings is the way to transcend your beliefs of forms of Guilt and Blame. Use the intention not to be right but to simply transcend these emotions.  Then you can get back to a state of peace. To do this you must give yourself full permission to express what you are feeling. Look at your life and realize that you are only in a middle chapter and the next chapter has not been revealed yet. Have patience with yourself while you become present in the moment during these times of transitions. 


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