Get over “IT”!


I am telling you that you just need to get over ‘IT’!

For many years people have told you to…

let ‘IT’ go,

Accept ‘IT’,

get over ‘IT’

surrender ‘IT’,

forget about ‘IT’,

don’t worry about ‘IT’,

‘IT’ will sort ‘IT’-self out

you don’t want to think about ‘IT’

place ‘IT’ in Gods hands

put a white light over ‘IT’

don’t force ‘IT’

embrace ‘IT’

sleep on ‘IT’


stuff ‘IT’

love ‘IT’

get ‘IT’?

The problem is you do not know what the hell the ‘IT’ actually is!

You have been looking for ‘IT’ in all the wrong places!

If I ask you to go to the corner store and get ‘IT’ for me, you will not know what you are suppose to get? Likewise when you are told to simply drop ‘IT’, how do you know what it is that you are to drop? Are you waiting for things to blow over? What is ‘IT’ you are wanting to blow over? Are you ducking from your emotions once again? There are reasons why this situation has come up!

For years masters from the east have told you to simply drop ‘IT’! They speak of the ease of release. Many eastern masters have not been caught by the web of earthly realities. In saying this I mean they have not been caught by ‘IT’. When these eastern spiritual masters & teachers have not experienced the ‘IT’ you have, they have a very difficult time in giving you the relief that you seek.

Psychotherapy has had the same approach for many years to this ‘IT’. The evolution of the soul has had its effect in the new approaches to Psychotherapy. Soul evolution has its effect on all aspects of your daily life. Traditional therapy allows you to go back to your childhood and see the events from the mind’s point of view. The work that has been done on self has only resulted in cleaning out the first floor. The authentic changes that are needed to finally release your ego chains are in the basement. The foundation that you have built your life on is where the change takes place.

clear-mind.jpgThe ‘IT’ are your mistaken beliefs of self, not the situation or anything or anyone outside of self that need be released and simply dropped. This is not as simple as it may sounds. The process work in this chapter allows you go back to your past and discover the ‘IT’ that you need to let go of.

You can see how your childhood has affected your identity as a person. For clarity with how to fix the foundation I will give you an example. One person came to me to discover their chains to the past. It is all guided back to the past by feelings. He had to really connect to his emotions he was feeling. There was no playing around with these emotions. I got him to really truly feel it deeply. He was so upset with his present partner. Once he was truly feeling the emotions under the surface layer, he dropped into his path. He turned around and followed the links of the chain. With each link he realized the same feeling was present with all his previous partners. As he kept lifting the chains, another link appeared just above the “see level”. He finally pulled on the anchor.

This was difficult to do as it has been stuck in the muck of the bottom for a very long time. The heart strings were used to finally pull up the anchor. A emotional memory came flooding back to his awareness. He knew the exact place where he felt it started. He could see the situation with his mother when he was a kid. He discovered his “IT”! He could see how he has been the common denominator in every relationship he has been in. He saw how all these partners played a specific role in his life. He let out all the emotions and verbally used me as his mother to let out what he believed of himself from that childhood event. Only once you pulled up the anchor to the past can you move forward. Only by discovering your “IT” can you truly be free to move forward. It comes down to 4 pillars of the ego. These pillars of the ego are 1) unworthy, 2) undeserving, 3) unlovable and 4) not good enough. If you have not got to these emotions you are NOT at your anchor and freedom is going to take a bit more pulling on the anchor to get to these core issues.

Various paths of spirituality are focused on attempts at forgetting the past and simply moving on to the present moment. Living in the present moment can never be achieved without disconnecting your past. If you are attempting to improve on your ‘self’ then you are being guided down an Ego Avenue. Ego based spirituality is all about the IT. Many continue to look at their path as the one and only path. There are many amazing books and courses that can assist you in understanding that you and your ego are separate. The power of attraction is opening your connection to source. You will attract what you need before you attract what you want. To achieve your desires and goals you must have your blocks to these removed first. That is why it is important to remember that your true nature is always connected. You are still connected at all points in your life to source, god or the universe. You may forget that in all things there is no duality to approach truth. Your path holds truth with each step you take. The truth in that step may not be applicable higher or lower on your path. It does not mean that you are better or worse than anyone else on their path.

I’ll give you a fitting example. Ask your 5/6 year old what you get when you have 5 things and you take away 4, they may say you get one. (5-4=1) Now as them what you get if you have 5 and take away 7. (5-7=?) The will say how silly you are. Ask a 17 year old what you get when you have 5 and take away 7 and the response will be -2. (5-7=-2) Both answers are correct for where they are in their personal learning curve. Where you are on your path a higher truth may not be appropriate if you are still connected to your ego’s mistaken beliefs of self.

You must pay attention not to become attached to your path or teachers. The specialness of your path is ego based. Even ACIM speaks a lot about the ego and specialness yet many who follow ACIM view ‘ACIM’ in specialness light. When you are attached to your path you may experience your own personal rebellion against organized religion. This rebellion phase is only a state of the mind. True peace only comes when all parts of you enter the state of surrender. The beliefs and the rebellion of the ‘self’ are both in need of surrender.

Stepping stones on the path cannot be discounted. Your path you chose has provided you great stepping stones so far. Becoming open and entering a state of surrender doesn’t mean you discount the places you come from. You will go through a time of rebellion, so that is natural along your path. You must remember that rebellion is not real either. Your spiritual teachings that you have learned are part of your Soul purpose and the true intent will only become clear once your finish the removal of the ego blocks.

Your ego seeks specialness. Your ego also seeks a level of specialness of your personal spiritual path. Be careful to avoid your ego attaching your identity to your path so it can hold you above others on their path. When you get to the edge at the top of the mountain, all paths join. If your ego has locked in your specialness and identity to your path, you will remain stuck on the verge of enlightenment. You will become stuck in the hell of personal enlightenment. Your identity has become enmeshed with your path and the ego holds you there.

Your final battle will be when the opportunity to release the path is before you. The moment of transcending the path and the stepping stones that got you to the edge will occur. Enlightenment is a simple swing across the valley on a rope. You will need to leave your beliefs, books, teachers and mind. You will not be alone there! There are many others willing to argue about the ‘correct’ path that got you to the edge. Many simply pass on at the edge of their soul’s path in a state of arguing. To get to this stage on the path you must be willing to feel your feelings 100%. Now is not the time to think about your feelings, it is time to allow your emotions to guide you to the next adventure on your path. Now step into your feelings and start pulling up your links to your past.

More processes and more insights to “Get over “IT” are in the new ebook coming to Kindle and Ibooks called exactly that “Get over “IT”, what the hell is “IT”.

You are full of Sh*t!

Over 80% of the people claiming to be part of the spiritual community are simply full of sh*t!

I don’t care what kind of pretty white light you put over an outhouse, I still know its full of sh*t!



Many people believe that if they just think positive thoughts or simply put a white light over their problems they will get the results they seek. The use of affirmations is a useless tool in the hands of children. You can’t think that your perceived problems will disappear if you put a white light over them. I have heard many abused women simply say that they know what their partner is going through and so if they keep a white light over them hopefully they will change. Come on people get out of the spiritual sandbox! Change occurs when you take the non-resistance position similar to that of Gandhi. Energy in a form of resistance will never result in seeing real change. You can either focus your energy on resistance or clarity, NOT on ignoring what is going on. It has been said many times by many teachers that energy flows where attention goes. You have tried many times to focus on positive thoughts in way to bring attention to the positive and yet your results are inconsistent. I mean inconsistent to say the least! The problem with this simple minded mistaken idea of bringing attention to the positive is your ego has more power than your simple mind thoughts. You cannot change things on the level they exist! Never have, Never will. You don’t need to put a white light over anything. You need to address the sh*t that is actually in the outhouse. It doesn’t matter if you put a new colour paint job over it either, I still know that something STINKS there. Some people believe that if they ignore the painful situations or ignore people who push their buttons that “it” will simply go away… The problem with that is they don’t know what the hell the “it” actually is. They blame the other person instead of addressing their buttons!


Trying to control situations 

or circumstances 

outside of self is like 

controlling farts. 

If you do succeed at it, 

the result is only pain.

The energy is flowing to your mistaken beliefs. You have given control of your unconscious mind to your ego. The energy is flowing all the time. Without releasing your mistaken beliefs of self that are the basis for your unconscious decisions the simple task of thinking positive will have very limited results. This is the problem with all these people thinking affirmations are the answer. It doesn’t matter what colour you paint your outhouse it is still full of shite! You need to be willing and open to accept your path before you can embrace a state of non-resistance. A commitment to spiritual order begins within. You are required to have a  serious Self-level commitment involving your internal Soul commitment to your get to your soul’s proper place of remembrance. Trying to control situations or circumstances outside your self is like controlling farts. If you do succeed at it, the result is only pain.


You need to be aware of how tricky your ego gets once you begin the work of dismantling its career. You will notice things that come out of your mouth that you wonder where on earth that came from. When you make a mistake on your path and slip a little realize how fast your ego will jump on you. It uses anything in its arsenal to restrain you. Your ego uses various excuses such as ‘just being human’. For example you may say ‘where is room for just being human’ and many other terms in order to justify your ego. Once your ego is aware of the ‘spiritual work’ you have done it is now equipped with more tools. As you have learned new skills for becoming more conscious in your daily life, your ego has a set of skills to assist its efforts as well. You are more than this little shell of a body you call ‘you’! Your ego has generations of unfinished business in your family system to fall back on and be sure your ego will use whatever it can.

Many of your previous generations in your family system ran their entire lives by guilt. Guilt over things they did or didn’t do. This includes even things they thought they did or even guilt of the family name. The family name was not to be tarnished by scandal, even if you were the victim of it.  


Rewind & go back

to the original place

where your problems 



These family emotions were never discussed and often swept under the rug.  Your ego wants you to ignore cleaning up under that rug. It uses the mistaken beliefs of the family system against you as well. Your ego counsels you by saying in your ear ‘what do you want to dig that stuff up for’ are one of those common questions. You don’t go over old stuff is another wonderful generational ego transmission tool it uses. How about the best…you don’t speak ill of the dead. The support system was lacking in the past and now we are paying for that lack of support all over this planet.

Yet knowing this you continue to hold fast to your form, you continue to cling to the illusions of the ego. You know the steps to finally awaken from the American dream. When you wake from the dream you will question all aspects of your illusions. The American dream is only but a dream. You have a sense of what is going on and yet the world in which you live only facilitates your sleep. You have been blessed and cursed depending which part of you is in control. You are now awake to the realization of truth. Not your truth. Not the egos personal ‘truth’ that you are stuck to. This is a universal truth that gives your eyes the ability to see beyond the illusions. You need to wake from your illusions of your family system. For generations these lost souls life purpose was ignored. Now the transmission of their lost life paths is passed down onto your shoulders to carry to the end. You came here with the strength to end this ego transmission and not to carry forward into the next generations. There is a difference where parents were life-purpose orientated to where many parents are now Soul-purpose oriented.

Now is your time to take the steps necessary to make changes all over this world.

Step out of the spiritual sandbox and stop putting white light over an outhouse and thinking it isn’t going to stink.


Living in the moment

The difficulty is not one of finding Peace, Bliss, Joy, Love or Compassion or even being present. Your difficulty is removing ego blocks to your ability to be in the present moment. As your past ego blocks are removed, clarity of your soul purpose happens naturally. Ask yourself ‘If not in the now, then when’? As you are inherently in a natural state of peace you must be clear when you are asking assistance in finding and having peace. Removing blocks to your natural states is the only form assistance can only come. As you request for Love in your life remember you are asking for something that is already there. When experiencing ego blocks to the ever present love, you still will not see it even after you have asked for assistance. The blocks become ever more evident especially after you ask for assistance. You have the opportunity for accepting the removal of blocks in a place of joy. Most of you need situations occurring from a place of crisis and pain before you listen. With your belief that Love is not there you will never see Love that is in front of you.  

You will discover all you want is right in front of you when your guides assist in removing the blocks to your natural states. Clear of blocks you can appreciate your feelings in the moment. Prior to attempting to live in the moment you must remove these blocks otherwise you will just be suppressing your valuable Soul lessons. Facilitating your learning are the parents you choose allowing you to experience your specific soul lesson. The lessons of the Soul are passed down from your parents. You should truly bless your parents for this life path. Living in the moment includes accepting the divine nature of your life. You must shift looking through glasses of blame and guilt at your past or at your parents. Fully expressing your feelings is the way to transcend your beliefs of forms of Guilt and Blame. Use the intention not to be right but to simply transcend these emotions.  Then you can get back to a state of peace. To do this you must give yourself full permission to express what you are feeling. Look at your life and realize that you are only in a middle chapter and the next chapter has not been revealed yet. Have patience with yourself while you become present in the moment during these times of transitions. 

Levels of Self

You will experience the transcendence of the current level of self during your ‘self’-growth and removal of ego blocks. Workshops you have taken have allowed you to feel the self, however, now you can take the next step to transcend the levels of self.

When you become consciously aware of these levels, then you will be able to see the changes and find it easier to accept your growth path. There are seven levels of the conscious self. 


The first level of self is the Pseudo-self. This early stage identity of self takes place as children when you begin to gain an understanding that you are not attached to your parents. There are various steps along this path of understanding. Children begin to understand this when the parent no longer comes to the crib when they cry. This moment of separation realization is the moment of the activation of the earthly Ego. The Pseudo self is discovered when the perception of separation is present and you experience a distinct self on this level. At this point you are not really understanding what the ‘self’ actually is but appears to be a strange feeling different than before. This stage of growth has various experiences and can last a few years or even longer. 


The second level of self is the ego-self. This stage is where learning the consequences of actions takes place. This phase of discovering the  consequences to you actions is a vital part of your learning curve. If you do not learn the consequences of your actions, you will be forced to learn this through very tough lessons. Through various forms of discipline your parents assist you in this learning. The Ego will at times have control of actions and this is a learning curve that as parents you must remember as you raise your children. This stage is riddled with times where actions and behaviours test your patience and your will power. You learn during this time that you are not your bad behaviour and that you are loved, just that your behaviours are not appropriate. We learn this under a positive forming family system. If you do not learn this during this stage you will have the opportunity of learning it later or rediscovering it later on in life.


The third level of self is Self-ego. This is when you have learned that your ‘self’ is something more than the ego, more than those crazy antics of your ego. A clearer understanding takes over your Soul. You are opening the door to a higher understanding of whom and what you really are. A stage of Self-Actualization takes place. As Abraham Maslow defined Self-Actualization as ‘Self Actualization is the intrinsic growth of what is already is in the organism, or more accurately, of what the organism is.’ You are becoming more aware of what you actually are. A level of understanding of your connection to your fellow man, your connection to something higher & more powerful begins.


The forth level of self is ‘SELF’. This stage is where your current understanding of your being is solid. You may feel you have an understanding of your career and family. You may stay in this stage for years or lifetimes. The Soul must evolve. Willingness to accept the growth lessons from a place of Joy is required. If you do not accept them this way you may be forced to experience the lesson during a crisis. The complacency of the self must be transcended to fully embrace the whole You. The necessity of crisis is very common for the learning of lessons.


The fifth stage of self is ‘Self-sprit’. During this stage of self you discover that you are something more than your body. You may become to understand that there is something going on beyond your current comprehension. You proceed to discover books and teachers that open your eyes to discovering that you are something more than the self you currently thought. You can see how people have played roles for you and how you have been playing roles for them. You may feel that love is a fact and still wrestle with these earthly bodies that upset each other. You work to release your mistaken beliefs of self and move forward to embracing that which you truly are.


The sixth stage of self is Spirit-self. This is where a more comprehensive and deeper understanding of your being takes place. You know that you are a spirit having a human existence. You now regularly interact with others that are similar to your understanding of self. You can understand how the teachers/partners really were a blessing and that there was a true level of Love. You can take your place and really embrace your Soul Purpose. Extending outwards to those you meet and with discernment you become teachers of those who you feel are looking for guides. This is where the student becomes the teacher and the acceptance of your true nature emerges. You begin to use the transcendent qualities of your mistaken beliefs of self to assist others on their path. Understanding universal principals or universal truths is fully evident. You feel within your various bodies that Love is a fact and that only the Love in any situation is real. You obtain authentic Love of the other soul that took that role of victimizer or abuser to assist you in getting back to the truth. Perfection in any given situation is clear to you.


The final stage of Self is Spirit. This is where you fully accept with your entire essence that you are spirit. You can embody Bliss, Peace and Love. There are few who walk this path, yet there are  more and more people entering this phase now. You can see various children coming into the world in a state of remembering self and you recognize these children as Indigo Children. You were told to pay attention as out of the mouths of babes truth will come. For centuries there have been those who have arrived as teachers and guides. Now you have the quantum tools and guides to facilitate your arrival at Spirits door. There are numerous enlightened masters walking amongst you to help you take the next right step along your path. You can bless these master souls and accept their guidance.

You have the opportunity in every lifetime to transcend your beliefs of self and to attain a higher understanding of your true essence. You must be lovingly and compassionately accepting of your current level of self. Attain a state of love for all these souls on your level prior to the entrance to the next level of self. You can experience the transcendence of your ‘self’-belief only to a pace of which you allow surrender to take your lead and be your guide. 

To obtain an understanding of your Soul’s purpose an initial level of self-discovery must take place. Upon entering the 7th level of self, you will begin to incorporate the real concepts of needing to do nothing. As you transcend the levels of self, you will discover your Soul purpose and gain clarity on how your purpose will come to fruition. You do not need to give up your earthly shell in order to enter this level of self and you do not need to leave your earthly shell once you have achieved this level. You are a Master Teacher and the world is waiting for you to step into your authentic Self.

For over 50 years now traditional Psychologists have worked with Bowen’s theory of “Differentiation of Self”. Spiritual Differentiation appears to be an opposite scale. In Self Differentiation pertains to the separation of Self and Emotional Attachment. A lowly differentiated person tends to be attached to their emotions and has a difficult time separating what they feel to their own identification of self. A highly differentiate person can feel emotions yet not be attached to these vibrations. 

In spiritual differentiation the soul and self are vastly separated in lowly spiritually differentiated persons. This state of differentiation can be found in people claiming to be atheists. Where the traditional outlook is that they are simply this physical shell without part of them that extends beyond their physicalness. 

As the spiritual differntiation rises they experience a closeness increasing between the self and the soul. People who are religious extremists are actually here. They do not have a personal connection to their soul. They therefore require a devotion that is beyond the norm. Evangelical or Pragmatic religious persons also fit into this category.

Rising up the scale of differentiation these people tend to follow traditional religious avenues. These people look for a connection to their higher self, or God in churches and places of worship. They do not have a personal relationship with their higher self or God and require an external building or external connector (priest) to provide this connection.

Higher up the spiritual differentiation you will find spiritual people. These are people who tended to experienced a transition from the traditional dogmatic religious forms. People here experience a level of connection, yet this connection tends to be fleeting. They continue to look externally for assistance to regain their connection to source.

At the top of the spiritual differentiation scale are those who are connected with Source, their higher self, or God. These people do not require any external location to become connected to the Divine. These people are source orientated and are divine teachers. These are found around the world and are increasing with each and every new generation.

Are you one of those who take things personally? They exclaim how things effect them personally. When you say that you take things personally do you really understand what it is you are actually saying? To really understand what is going on for you when you take things personally there are two things you must consider. First, the word itself. Personally comes from the Latin word “persona” meaning “mask”. So even by the definition of the word the authentic “You” is not being effected, only the mask version of “you”. This mask version of you is controlled and run by your ego. It dictates how outside influences effect you. Take for example that person who cut you off this morning on the way to work. Your ego makes it clear that the person who just cut you off in traffic actually woke up this morning with a specific plan. The well placed plan was to hunt YOU down and as soon as you were located they would immediately cut you off. You take things so personally it is as if this was your destiny. With this person planning all morning to cut you off, you have every right to take it “personally”. Road rage is the perfect example of why you need to look at what you take “personally” and more importantly WHY. This “persona” or mask is really the one that is being effected and making you believe it is YOU. Secondly, The authentic you can and never will be effected by anything outside of self.  The problem most people have is getting in touch with the authentic YOU. Your ego has been around for a very long time convincing you that it is your BEST friend. It had a job to protect your emotional body from pain when you were a child, however, you forgot to lay off your ego when you got older. The next step is to remember that all those perceived “good” things that you take “personally” are also not effecting the authentic YOU either. You need to let go of your emotional attachments to either the “good” or the “bad” things that influence your daily emotional body.

This Christmas eve it will be 3 years since a homeless man passed away in his van in Coquitlam. He froze to death in the cold snap that lasted a few days. Every day people would pass him by as they went and spent their $4 on a cup of coffee.

I would walk by this man in his van and was relieved to see he had a small electric heater running in his van to keep him warm. He would back his van up to the Rona store in Coquitlam and plug in and keep alive.

However, this was not to be the case for much longer, the costly price of $0.50 cents was too much for his life according to Rona. A fence was installed to keep this man from staying alive by using a mere $0.50 cents worth of electricity.

So within weeks of this fence being installed by Rona to prevent this man from using the electricity he was found frozen to death in his van.

For all the talk of charity that these large companies do, charity really does start at home. This time the Rona store forgot that being Canadian means taking care of those who require our help.

I hope that anyone reading this will take a moment and remember that charity belongs not in Africa but in Canada and more importantly in your neighbourhood.

Merry Christmas.

Remembrance Day – is a memorial day observed in Commonwealth countries since the end of World War 1 to remember the members of their armed forces who have died in the line of duty.

It is also a day to remember those who killed those armed forces. Lest we forget these souls came here on the earth to fulfill a purpose. During the time can you imagine how painful it was for the soul of these ones knowing that only an event of such magnitude could soften the heart of mankind.

Imagine the soul suffering that the rebels of the Revolutionary United Front & the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council in Sierra Leone who offered men either a short sleeve or long sleeve. Meaning they either cut their hands off at the wrist or the elbow. Without the unimaginable horror that these souls took part in we still would allow suffering such as that in Sierra Leone. Only with the most horrific acts against another human would the world pay attention and develop compassion for each other.

Remembrance day is a day to remember we are all souls having a human existence and that each soul has a specific purpose on this planet. Mother Theresa taught compassion but nothing compared to the compassion that was taught by these souls who committed such violent acts.

Lest we Forget the souls who on a soul level knew that without the pain and suffering they caused the world would simply allow children to fight in wars. If it wasn’t for these brave souls coming down onto this earth and in soul tearing fashion had children killing parents this planet would not have the UN children soldiers act. Even if the Canadian Government ignored this with Omar Khadr and left him alone and abandoned by the Canadian People. Lest we Forget the bravery of Omar Khadr to be tortured so that a few might stand up and say NO, enough is enough.

Lest we forget the grade 9 student who got bullied at  Central Kings Rural High School for wearing pinkand David Shepherd and Travis Price who witnesses this and started the wear pink anti-bullying campaign.

Lest we forget Hamed Nastoh & Dawn-Marie Wesley of British Columbia who gave their lives so others may reach out for help when bullied. Two young souls who knew that only with this outcry would a province step forward with compassion and take a firm stance against homophobe and bullying.

Lest we forget that we are Canadians and we must no longer be tolerant with intolerance. We are the ones on this planet that say enough is enough.

Lest we forget how easy it simply is to turn a blind eye against injustices in our country, on our continent and on our planet. How bad do you need things to get in order for you to stand up and say NO, enough is enough?

Lest we forget it is your job as a Canadian to say Enough is Enough.

The question remains, do more souls have to come here on earth to cause suffering in order for the world to pay attention? Does your neighbour need to be raped and killed by another neighbour in order for you to wake up. It wasn’t enough in Yugoslavia. What will it take before mankind opens its heart?

For years people have been following the teachings of Christ when he said “love thy neighbour as yourself.” The problem is most people when they look in the mirror do honestly detest themselves, thus they have been following christ’s teachings and have detested their neighbour.

Lest we Forget that we truly are spirits having a human existence.

Everyone has heard the expression Opportunity knocks, however when the universe opens the door for you, you still are required to walk through.

The door opens everyday and yet who of you walk through it?

Many people comment daily that they wish things were different. In doing the wishing the universe answers and says “your wish is my command”.  The only problem is while the universe is listening you mutter to yourself…”who am I kidding it will never happen” and the universe responses “your wish is my command”.

I feel sorry for the universe having to make such fast changes.

Fear prevents people from simply walking through the door. The ego has both its arms and legs across the door trying to prevent you from entering heaven. The step is what is important, not the doorway or what is beyond eyesight. Heaven happens when you step, not when you arrive at the end of the path.

Take a moment today, breath deeply and ask the universe to simply remove the blocks that allow you to walk through the door. Don’t ask for the door yet, you need to get ready. Have patience with yourself and breathe.

Blocks come up in order for you to clear them out of the way. You don’t need them following you through the door. When you are getting ready for a date, you wash the grime and crap off you before you walk out the door.

You have a date with the universe, go shower off your ego blocks.