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Who is Master T?

Tim Wheatley ~ Enlightened Thinker. I have been on my spiritual path from the time I was 5 years old. I realized I was psychic at a very early age. Memories as a child being asked if the new toys made me happy, my response was NO they don’t MAKE me happy. My happiness isn’t connected to these toys. My comment was not well received. Subsequently I was taught that speaking my mind was more than likely going to get me punished in one way or another. Having internal conflicts over the next 10 years from what was being taught to me at the kingdom hall and my elders versus what  I knew to be true.

As an Enlightened Master I am here to remind you

that you are more than you think you are. The key to releasing your authentic self from your Egoic mistaken beliefs is in the book

“The Soul Just Knows” rediscovering your soul purpose.

The answer to this question is simple,who am I…simply put i am the “I AM”. A small spark in the vastness of pure energy. Aware of the energy dancing around me. December 17, 2006 ended my journey of self discovery. After a day of meditation at the Osho Meditation Resort, enlightenment came upon me. Only to be described as Aladdin becoming the Genie. No longer the seeker. A six year old knowing who was dropping over unannounced and seeing visions, to a 41 year old enlightened master. The path was very difficult and very rewarding. I am so grateful for this blessed life.

Being raised as a Jehovah’s Witness until my teens was quite a journey in its own right.

Teachers appeared as I (the student) was ready. At the age of 10 amazing teachers of mine imparted to me great wisdom. I was blessed enough to pay attention to them when they spoke. Only later on in life do I realize these were Enlightened Thinkers and Masters. My path of Self Discovery took me on a journey of remembering the real Self I was trying to discover. There was nothing to discover but clear away that which was the unauthentic. I was fortunate enough to study with Enlightened Masters around the planet. By the time I was 13  I knew the answers to my search for Self Identity was not going to be found in any organized religion as I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness. Being raised in this manner gave me insights through the scriptures, yet the wisdom that I incarnated with were unexplained by this man made religion.

My Mother always told me to keep learning. I went on to study the traditional psychology approach to this question. At 14 years old I was immersed into Freud, Carl Jung, Fritz Pearls along with Carl Rogers forms of psychology. My understandings lead me deeper into the realm of self identification. During my late teens and early 20’s I began with experiential workshops from Werner Erhard Seminars Training(E.S.T.) then SAGE workshops. I entered Tendai Buddhism and the world of Tantra. I went on to study “A Course in Miracles” and began an advanced inner work at Cleamind International Institute. I went through a very dark night of the soul and was fortunate enough to have amazing support through my dark night. My soul came out in the light. After a few years I was facilitating workshops for Clearmind and once again realized there was more going on. Then it happened, I had just finished a 3 day workshop at Clearmind that I produced. It was the next morning at 3:00 a.m. when I was woke by a voice that said “Take notes, this is what you are hear to do” at which point I said “leave me the hell alone”.

The voice would not quit and said “The Soul Just Knows” and this is how to rediscover your Soul’s Purpose. I went on to take notes that night and woke to a floor covered with sheets and sheets of the notes I had taken. This was what began to be the book “The Soul Just Knows”.

I have been fortunate enough to study with various enlightened masters from Western Enlightened Thinkers to Hindu Masters in India and Buddhist Breathwork Masters from Japan. These Masters have validated what I knew to be true from the time I was a child. I also expanded my knowledge and created my own breathing meditations. I was trained in Leonord Orr’s Rebirthing, Stanislav Grof’s Holotropic Breathwork and various other teachers. For over 30 years I have been doing specialized breathwork.

I realized that breathwork was the only way to bridge between the conscious and the unconscious.The majority of dis-ease is a result of the body listening to your constant programming. Over 95% of the population are so busy with their lives they don’t take a moment to actually live their life. It was when I was 33 years old when I discovered the secret within. I battled with that voice inside that was giving me the worst words of advice ever. When ever I listened to “that” voice, I found the results were awful. During a very powerful breathing meditation I came to understand that “I” was not that voice. My life changed in a brief moment where a bridge was created between the conscious and the unconscious. When I awoke from my breathing meditation I finally realized that I was awake for the first time in my life.

I was blessed to have travelled throughout India and found words of wisdom that reaffirmed my understandings. I began to teach people how to free themselves from their inner ego voice and yet, so many simply would rather just take another Melatonin and go back to sleep. The Melatonin is for the natural people who know better yet even so chose to go back to sleep.

I decided to go back to the technique that created the bridge between the conscious and the unconscious and expand on it. I researched various forms of deepening meditations and working with brain entrainment systems. I went looking for the right form of music which didn’t create a space where the mind wanders. I found it one day at a rave party. House or Trance music creates an amazing craze at a rave. This unconscious use of this form of music has tremendous energy to it and harnessing the energy in a conscious manner has resulted in the most amazing breathwork music available in the world.

I then began working another member of my family who brought his conscious awareness into the music industry in the UK. Together my nephew and myself worked the music and the other patented technology into a blend that simply is astonishing. You can find this amazing breathwork music at

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