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What is the Masters work?

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~ Time to get out of the Spiritual Sandbox ~

Your path of discovery may also upset the others that have relied on you to maintain their ego balance. The ego balance is in direct contradiction to the Souls balance. The ego balance maintains the status quo and wants one to find value and worth outside of oneself. You continue to do this by means of your mutual based security. You are incongruent to seek your worth in designer labels and designer dreams.

The Soul just knows that you will never find your true value and worth outside of self. You may have all heard the expression “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”. It is time to give up the historical beliefs and patterns of yester year. The time in Quantum healing to surrender what you believe to be true to really get what is true is here and now. Would you be willing to give up the love that you hold in your hands for Love that could fill the very room in which you sit? You may answer yes! However, there are many who want to get to heaven yet few want to die.

Living in a state of instant surrender provides the opportunity to get the real love in the present moment. The blocks you have and the ones that come up stem back to your ego’s mistaken beliefs of your past as you continue on your path to rediscovering your Soul purpose. The past is a tool to utilize for the Souls purpose. Up until now the past has been used by the ego as a tool of condemnation. Now you can change the intent and allow the Soul to use the past as a means of salvation. On your path there will be a time of Soul discover that you need to remember to have Faith in Faith and Trust in Trust. You are giving up what you have learned. All that you have read are but fleeting moments in your eternity. You are so much more than the sum of your readings. Remember your soul purpose is living!

The fire and passion comes out of conscious living. The best thing you can do is to hold fast to each and every moment. To make the Soul purposes a life experience after all the life experience is your Souls purpose. Living consciously and then teaching consciously. You are all teachers; however, what you are teachers of is a different matter. Remember that destiny is forever. It is ongoing. You experience of now was a captivation and entrapment of yesterdays pain. Now you are taking a step to change to the fulfillment of your dreams and desires, passions and fulfillments. This new look at situations was created so that you can dream tomorrow. Nothing is worth misery.

Release the ego to your highest good and embrace your soul purpose. God is not weak, that is why tomorrow always comes. You are a free spirit, free to love life, enjoy life and live life. Love can only be experienced in the present moment. Key ingredients to your soul’s purpose are your presence of living in the now and being available to your knowingness. Life is a come as you are party. Your being is more than the sum of your pants. Knowing where you are is more important that know where you are going! By releasing the blocks of the past you can figure out where you are coming from then you will be able to arrive at your next right step. The next right step is your soul’s purpose. Some need the darkest of nights to see the stars. Others realize the stars are always there. When asking for assistance to view the stars you may find that even on the brightest of days you can see the stars. With the right telescope, you can view what you are seeking. Other may need the form of crisis to place them on the path to find their Soul purpose. You can find the next right step simply by looking to your source.

When you look above “see” level and from a higher point of view of the events in your life now, you may discover an insight to your direction. Your Soul purpose is limitless and you have the guides to assist you at your disposal. The opportunity now is here. Grab it! The egos mistaken core beliefs will provide your greatest insight into rediscovering your Soul Purpose. You must have courage to address these blocks. Remember you are not alone.

Your Soul Family is waiting to help you in remembering the truth. From a new fresh position you may find that passion that had been covered for years by your ego. For example, you may have a story of your life that is standing by wanting to come out. You may feel the passion within and want to express this and know that your story may help others in a situation similar. Know that your ego work is in conjunction with other’s egos as well. You may have a pestering voice say “but your story has no value” or “who would want to hear it”, you can thank the ego and remind yourself of truth that the world is waiting to hear what your Soul has to say. For the ego’s own purpose will tell you to stop writing do not be surprised. When the ego tells you that the world does not even deserve this work of yours, you may thank the ego for now reminding you that your work is of value, as now the world is deserving of it! The world is waiting for you to embrace fully your Soul Purpose.

Winston Churchill said “when in hell…keep going”! You can discover that heaven is just through that thin veil. Another fabulous Soul who shines in her Soul Path has taken her mistaken ego belief that she has no importance and that children are only victims and now has taken the transcended belief to the world in the grand form of a beautiful organization for children. Puts Kids first founded in a small town in British Columbia, Canada and is now extending across the country and touching lives and creating lasting changes. Similarly, in London, England on a small side street in Hampstead is a fairies shop. The owner there too has also embraced her inner child and now that child comes out to play. This shop has won the independent toy store of the year and other various awards. In all of your past limitations, you can take hold of your transcendent qualities of the belief or event and then with your Souls Guidance to transform this into your Divine Soul Purpose that you have chosen your path to bring forward for the entire world.

May you always keep your head up and keep looking for rainbows.

And remember  the Soul Just knows.[/wr_text][/wr_column][/wr_row][wr_row width=”boxed” background=”none” solid_color_value=”#ffffff” gradient_color=”0% #FFFFFF,100% #000000″ gradient_direction=”vertical” repeat=”full” img_repeat=”full” video_url_mp4 autoplay=”yes” position=”center center” paralax=”no” border_width_value_=”0″ border_style=”solid” border_color=”#000″ child_of=”none” div_padding_top=”10″ div_padding_bottom=”10″ div_padding_right=”10″ div_padding_left=”10″ ][wr_column span=”span12″][/wr_column][/wr_row]