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Unconditional Love?

Unconditional Love?

Have you ever seen unconditional love between a man and a woman? Does it last longer than a year? Is it part of the human condition that it’s not possible? Unconditional love between a man and a woman is very rare. Regardless of your sexual orientation, Unconditional...



You have been looking for ‘IT’ in all the wrong places! If I ask you to go to the corner store and get ‘IT’ for me, you will not know what you are suppose to get? Likewise when you are told to simply drop ‘IT’, how do you know what it is that you are to drop? Are you...

Get over “IT”!

Get over “IT”!

GET OVER IT! I am telling you that you just need to get over ‘IT’! For many years people have told you to... let ‘IT’ go, Accept ‘IT’, get over ‘IT’ surrender ‘IT’, forget about ‘IT’, don’t worry about ‘IT’, ‘IT’ will sort ‘IT’-self out you don’t want to think about...

You are full of Sh*t!

You are full of Sh*t!

You are full of Sh*t! Over 80% of the people claiming to be part of the spiritual community are simply full of sh*t! I don't care what kind of pretty white light you put over an outhouse, I still know its full of sh*t!   Many...

The 7 Levels of Self

by | Jul 4, 2012

Levels of Self

You will experience the transcendence of the current level of self during your ‘self’-growth and removal of ego blocks. Workshops you have taken have allowed you to feel the self, however, now you can take the next step to transcend the levels of self.

When you become consciously aware of these levels, then you will be able to see the changes and find it easier to accept your growth path. There are seven levels of the conscious self. 


The first level of self is the Pseudo-self. This early stage identity of self takes place as children when you begin to gain an understanding that you are not attached to your parents. There are various steps along this path of understanding. Children begin to understand this when the parent no longer comes to the crib when they cry. This moment of separation realization is the moment of the activation of the earthly Ego. The Pseudo self is discovered when the perception of separation is present and you experience a distinct self on this level. At this point you are not really understanding what the ‘self’ actually is but appears to be a strange feeling different than before. This stage of growth has various experiences and can last a few years or even longer. 


The second level of self is the ego-self. This stage is where learning the consequences of actions takes place. This phase of discovering the  consequences to you actions is a vital part of your learning curve. If you do not learn the consequences of your actions, you will be forced to learn this through very tough lessons. Through various forms of discipline your parents assist you in this learning. The Ego will at times have control of actions and this is a learning curve that as parents you must remember as you raise your children. This stage is riddled with times where actions and behaviours test your patience and your will power. You learn during this time that you are not your bad behaviour and that you are loved, just that your behaviours are not appropriate. We learn this under a positive forming family system. If you do not learn this during this stage you will have the opportunity of learning it later or rediscovering it later on in life.


The third level of self is Self-ego. This is when you have learned that your ‘self’ is something more than the ego, more than those crazy antics of your ego. A clearer understanding takes over your Soul. You are opening the door to a higher understanding of whom and what you really are. A stage of Self-Actualization takes place. As Abraham Maslow defined Self-Actualization as ‘Self Actualization is the intrinsic growth of what is already is in the organism, or more accurately, of what the organism is.’ You are becoming more aware of what you actually are. A level of understanding of your connection to your fellow man, your connection to something higher & more powerful begins.


The forth level of self is ‘SELF’. This stage is where your current understanding of your being is solid. You may feel you have an understanding of your career and family. You may stay in this stage for years or lifetimes. The Soul must evolve. Willingness to accept the growth lessons from a place of Joy is required. If you do not accept them this way you may be forced to experience the lesson during a crisis. The complacency of the self must be transcended to fully embrace the whole You. The necessity of crisis is very common for the learning of lessons.


The fifth stage of self is ‘Self-sprit’. During this stage of self you discover that you are something more than your body. You may become to understand that there is something going on beyond your current comprehension. You proceed to discover books and teachers that open your eyes to discovering that you are something more than the self you currently thought. You can see how people have played roles for you and how you have been playing roles for them. You may feel that love is a fact and still wrestle with these earthly bodies that upset each other. You work to release your mistaken beliefs of self and move forward to embracing that which you truly are.


The sixth stage of self is Spirit-self. This is where a more comprehensive and deeper understanding of your being takes place. You know that you are a spirit having a human existence. You now regularly interact with others that are similar to your understanding of self. You can understand how the teachers/partners really were a blessing and that there was a true level of Love. You can take your place and really embrace your Soul Purpose. Extending outwards to those you meet and with discernment you become teachers of those who you feel are looking for guides. This is where the student becomes the teacher and the acceptance of your true nature emerges. You begin to use the transcendent qualities of your mistaken beliefs of self to assist others on their path. Understanding universal principals or universal truths is fully evident. You feel within your various bodies that Love is a fact and that only the Love in any situation is real. You obtain authentic Love of the other soul that took that role of victimizer or abuser to assist you in getting back to the truth. Perfection in any given situation is clear to you.


The final stage of Self is Spirit. This is where you fully accept with your entire essence that you are spirit. You can embody Bliss, Peace and Love. There are few who walk this path, yet there are  more and more people entering this phase now. You can see various children coming into the world in a state of remembering self and you recognize these children as Indigo Children. You were told to pay attention as out of the mouths of babes truth will come. For centuries there have been those who have arrived as teachers and guides. Now you have the quantum tools and guides to facilitate your arrival at Spirits door. There are numerous enlightened masters walking amongst you to help you take the next right step along your path. You can bless these master souls and accept their guidance.

You have the opportunity in every lifetime to transcend your beliefs of self and to attain a higher understanding of your true essence. You must be lovingly and compassionately accepting of your current level of self. Attain a state of love for all these souls on your level prior to the entrance to the next level of self. You can experience the transcendence of your ‘self’-belief only to a pace of which you allow surrender to take your lead and be your guide. 

To obtain an understanding of your Soul’s purpose an initial level of self-discovery must take place. Upon entering the 7th level of self, you will begin to incorporate the real concepts of needing to do nothing. As you transcend the levels of self, you will discover your Soul purpose and gain clarity on how your purpose will come to fruition. You do not need to give up your earthly shell in order to enter this level of self and you do not need to leave your earthly shell once you have achieved this level. You are a Master Teacher and the world is waiting for you to step into your authentic Self.


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