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Do you need to sit with a Master to become Enlightened?

You need to sit with a Master who can teach you what all those tools are you have in your tool-belt. There are those spiritual people around who tell you that you have all the tools necessary. The only problem is that unless you know what this tool is for…

Just because you have a tool in your hands, doesn’t necessary mean you know what to do with it. You could use this tool as a hammer. Yes it would work as one. It just wouldn’t be very good at it. You could use this as air compressor as well and once again, it wouldn’t be very good at it.

You need to have instructions with regards the tools that you already have in your tool belt. You came with all the necessary instruments needed to get you back to your authentic Self.

Now I am here to assist you in getting back in touch with the Authentic Self and remove all the blocks to this. You may take the steps in an ashram to realize that you do not need to be there. This is common for westerner’s on a spiritual path. The spiritual work taking place within western spiritual growth programs, meditation and various forms of transpersonal psychology are all ways to get to this higher place. This higher place is preparing you so that you are ready for the next step along your path to truth. The adventure on the path is the discovery and remembrance of your true connection to essence. The traditional approach that is still currently taking place in Ashrams has worked for hundreds of years however the transformation of the soul taking place now is at a higher rate than ever before. What once took lifetimes now takes years or even months. Studying with an enlightened master can assist immensely once you have removed your egoic blocks. The purpose of having a guru or teacher in your life is only to assist you along your path. This guru-student relationship is a vital stepping stone along your path. The function of relationships is to get you back to a state of wholeness and completion, not with the other but in spite of the other. The teachers are there to assist you in your “self” discovery. When the function of that transformation takes place the relationship has served its purpose. Not all relationships are lifetime purposed. Release the relationship forms in Love. Allow the form to change and be that which now serves a higher purpose. All relationships changes in form and purpose. You are here to learn your lessons from these spiritual guides and move forward. You need to remember that you are provided the opportunity to learn lessons in your life. The emotions arise are sitting on your lap ready for healing. The flow from the depth of your soul is rich with blessings.

One of the best tools is Breathwork!

To truly take the next step in separating who you think you are from who you really I strongly recommend breathwork. Breathwork has the ability to cross between the conscious mind and the unconscious. The strongest Breathwork available is BlissBreath.

You can try it for yourself.

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You will find this breathwork to be of great assistance.