Blissful Jealousy

Jealousy is an amazing emotion. It can be used for the ego’s purposes or you can embrace the emotion and consciously use it for your higher purpose. You will experience Jealousy throughout your life until you understand the function of jealousy.

When you are experiencing jealousy you are really having your button of “not good enough” or “unlovable” being pushed. It is so much easier in life to simply blame the other person for “unacceptable” behaviour. You may want to blame them for this awful feeling coming up inside you.

Jealousy is used by your ego to prove to you that you are not good enough. If you were good enough the person would never look at another human.  Your ego can justify itself by saying he/she would never look so long at another if it wasn’t because they desired this other person.

As long as you continue to agree with your ego and its use of outside influences you will never be free from suffering.

Your freedom comes when you can consciously communicate the function of your ego.  It is NOT you and this emotion can be used to reaffirm that you are not your ego.

Your Jealousy is only a symptom, it is not an authentic cause of dis-ease. You must be very clear on this point. Jealousy is not real. Your feelings are real and you need to discover by going into the emotion where it comes from. Only by going back into your past can you use Jealousy for its higher purpose.

The authentic purpose of Jealousy is to allow you to get into such a strong feeling to follow the path back to your past and finally disconnect your ego’s attachments. You can only do this by embracing fully your emotions.

Follow the emotional path back to the past and when you are as far back as you can go, only then can you release your chains by using your adult brain to remind you of truth.

In the moment where this soul’s lesson was activated is where you will find the cure. Provide yourself the cure and remember you truly are good enough just the way you are.

On the other side of Jealousy is the person who wants their partner to feel jealous. This is one of those fairy book tales whereby the prince will fight for the woman. Life is not a fairy book tale. It is time to grow up and step out of the spiritual sandbox.

When you seek your partner to feel jealous your ego is using your “unlovable” and “undeserving” buttons. It is seeking reassurance from your partner that if he/she is jealous it means they care for you and therefore you are deserving and loveable.

However, nothing the ego promises can deliver!

This outside reassurance is lost and can never come back home with the desired results. You must use your desire to have your partner jealous as a way of reaffirming your authentic states.  You need to follow your emotions back into your past to discover where you have this feeling of unlovable and underserving and then using conscious communication in this way allows you to connect to your partner and have the truth brought home.

Blissful Jealousy means recognizing that this can be a wonderful tool to return home and back to your natural state.


The truth is that you are loveable just the way you are.

Falling in Love

Many search their entire life with the simple goal to fall in love. Movies glamorize the concept of falling in love. This search for love in the arms of another has its downfalls. If your goal is to find love in the arms of another you can be certain that this love will vanish once the other is gone.

Your quest for love should be one of an Internal search.  Not searching for the love you seek after all it is always right there inside you.  Every moment of every day Love is there.

The only search you can do to discover love is to ask the universe to simply remove your blocks that blind you from seeing it now.  I put on a pair of glasses yesterday that were specific to another. My eyes were cloudy and could not see what was right in front of me. Removing the glasses that cloud your vision is a simple task yet takes great effort on your part.

Remove your glasses and embrace the authentic Love right before you.


The Illuminata

Imagine my surprise to discover another translation of my Indian name “Ananda Prataap” being “Illuminata”.  I then went on to discover some information on the origins of the Illuminata and their lofty goals.

Many read or watch information on the Illuminata online and yet misinformation is a leading practice to hide the authentic.

Imagine a society where the day to day struggles of life are set aside, where one can truly search for their authentic connection to self /God.

A lofty goal, yet once again off the mark. The day to day struggle is the path to gain enlightenment or an authentic & personal connection to God.