My path led me to Osho’s Meditation Resort in Pune, India where on Dec 17th, 2006 enlightenment came upon me. Prior to me being introduced into Osho’s teachings, people who I had assisted on their journey kept saying how the words I spoke reminded them of Osho. Once I was in India it was natural for me to go to Pune and visit the Mediation center.

A great day of mediation and relaxing came to an abrupt halt. I was near the tomb of Osho’s parents when I felt and saw a tremendous energy come over me. After spending a week at Osho’s the night of December 17th on my birthday an inner explosion that can only be described as Aladin becoming the Genie. It felt as though my entire body could no longer hold that which I was.

Words came flooding back to me from ParamahamsaNithyananda. The day I left the Ashram in Southern India, Nithyananda came to me and told me I had learned everything I need to know to become enlightened. He told me to go back to Vancouver and raise the vibration there. I was told that in 7 days enlightenment would come over me. Nithyananda laughed at that point and said he would be laughing as he knew what I would be going through. It was then when I dropped to my knees.

The pain was unbearable, the light was immense. This was something that I never experienced before. My world as I knew it was changing and I could never go back. In that moment I truly became the

“I AM”

Growing up in Edmonton Alberta, it was amazing to have the teachers that I had show up in my life that did. Mypsychicabilities showed themselves immediately after the first change of life at a young age of 6. I was drawn early to answer the eternal questions of life. I was forever taking objects apart to discover how they ticked. I was fortunate enough at 13 to discover Transcendental Mediation and deeper answers to my questions.

I had internal battles from the very earliest memories. I knew what was the Truth, yet being told from the elders in the Kingdom hall that what they were speaking was the truth. I came to realize that man’s truth is not THE TRUTH. After studying most of the religions on this planet I found the golden thread that goes through all religions. I found that only the Love is real.

More to come.